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Primary tutors that inspire young minds 

Westudy Education tutors young children in Newcastle and across the UK.

Maths Exercises

Get your child's education off to a great start

Friendly and motivating primary tutors

When it comes to tutoring young children, our tutors understand how to keep their sessions fun and interesting, so your child gets the most out of their time.  By starting tutoring sessions now, you can ensure your child gets off to a great start with their education. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

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Meet your child's tutor in advance

Westudy Education understands that, as a parent, you need to be 100% confident in the tutor you choose to work with your child. That's why we're always happy to arrange a free initial chat video chat before you commit to any tutoring sessions.

Tutors that specialise in primary education

Bringing core subjects to life

For children aged 5 - 7  (in school years 1 and 2) we tailor our tutoring to ensure your children understand the basics of each subject to allow them to build their knowledge further. 

For children aged 7 - 11  (in years 3 -6) we ensure they feel confident in all subjects and, in particular, subjects they will be tested on during their SATS exams.

Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2

Our tutors can help all primary school children with:







Key Stage 1 and 2 SATS preparation

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Tutoring since 2011

Effective tutoring methods

Westudy Education was established by a team of Durham University graduates committed to delivering a positive educational experience.

Our tutors know how to help students get the most from every session.

Convenient online sessions

Our sessions can be delivered on evenings, weekends, or whenever suits you.

Trusted tutors

Our tutors are carefully chosen and experts in their subject area.

Recommended by teachers and parents

Let Westudy Education help you

A-level student
A-level tuition

Our A-level tuition service covers a broad range of subjects.

Home schooling
GCSE tutors

When your child moves on to secondary education, we'll have the right tutor here to support them.

Maths Teacher
Start your teaching career with us

If you're interested in a tutoring career with one of the country's top tutoring companies, apply with us today.

We'd love to hear from you

Fill in the contact form today to arrange a free initial consultation.

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